This page covers how you can get hold of the Game Framework, how to include it into your projects and basic setup that needs to be in place.


Game Framework is available for FREE from the Asset Store. There is also a paid extras bundle which in addition to the full framework, also contains some of our other assets and additional content to get you up and running including:

  • 3 UI themes (Cartoon, Space, RPG)
  • The full Beautiful Transitions asset for beautiful screen and UI wipes and transitions
  • The full Pro Pooling asset.
  • The full Prefs Editor asset
  • Alpha version of the upcoming Game Framework PlayMaker Extensions asset
  • Full 2D runner framework and game sample (work in progress).
  • Advanced parallex scrolling script.
  • Additional 3D models
  • Additional samples
  • Tutorials
  • Other content
  • Priority support and feature requests
  • Secures future development of this framework

Feel free to try the free version, however if you like the framework then please consider the small price of purchasing the pro bundle to support our efforts in developing this framework further.

Project hierarchy for the extras bundle.

The source code is also available on Github if you would like to contribute work directly.

Unity Asset Store

Setup through the asset store is the recommended way of including the framework.

Simply download and import the appropriate version into your Unity project and then follow the simple setup instructions in the Readme file included with the asset.

The assets are contained in the \FlipWebApps folder.

If you are updating from an earlier version then we recommend that you first make a backup of your project and delete the \FlipWebApps folder before updating to avoid any conflicts.

We also recommend that you avoid making changes directly into the \FlipWebApps folder, but rather copy any prefabs or other content you need to change to a separate folder within your project so they are not overwritten when you update.


Adding the project through Github is only recommended if you are familiar with Git as a source control system and want to contribute to the framework directly. For other users we recommend importing the package from the Unity Asset Store as described above. If you want to contribute back then the best option is to fork the Github repository as described below. The git repository contains the latest updates which may not be 100% stable, however we will bundle and release to the asset store whenever there are significant updates that have been tested more thoroughly.

You can also contact us if you want to give feedback or send updates and are not familiar with Git.


Go to the Game Framework Github repository and Fork the repository to your own account (click the Fork button). You can then include this fork directly, or as a submodule into an existing private repository. We recommend creating a sub folder FlipWebApps\GameFramework in your unity project and using this as your working directory. If you have changes then commit and open a pull request back against the main repository.


Certain scripts need to be configured to run in particular order. In Unity, go to Edit->Project Settings->Script Execution Order… and ensure the following are added (the values aren’t too important, just the relative priorities).

Important Note: Not all combinations are necessarily covered at this time. We are trying to add run-time reminders in the code so you only need to set what is necessary. If you get any null pointer runtime errors then script execution order is one place to check. Please let us know such cases also so we can add code to catch such missing configuration).


You are now ready to start using the framework. Check out the Getting Started tutorial series, some of the other tutorials or the feature pages for more information on how to get started.

Third Party Support

Game Framework works with many third party assets and also offers the ability to can use certain other assets for additional features. You can find an overview of these in the Integrations Window (Menu | Window | Game Framework). To enable the functionality, ensure you have the asset installed and then you will be allowed to enable it.


There is enhanced integration with the following:

Let us know if you would like to see support for other popular plugins.