Game Framework

Game Framework

Game Framework for Unity is a free, community supported framework provided with full source code that will help drastically increase the development speed and feature set of Unity games. The aim is to provide the features most games need in a flexible manner and with a minimum of coding so you can concentrate your effort on making your game unique, rather than having to spend effort creating menus or setting up other basics.

Features include:

  • Quick and easy game setup, including a GameManager.
  • Simple setup of players, worlds, levels, characters and other game items including all the menus that you need and automatic support for things like unlocking and IAP.
  • Tracking of scores and progress.
  • Unlockable items.
  • Simple in app purchase.
  • Dialog handling including standard dialog for settings and game over.
  • Advertising support.
  • ‘Free prize’ functionality.
  • ‘Social’ functionality.
  • Localisation support.
  • Global Messaging
  • Debugging and test functions.
  • Gameobject distance/time weighting framework.
  • Preferences extensions
  • Many helper classes and components from animation through UI.
  • and more…

Asset store download – FREE Version

The following promotional video demonstrates some of these concepts:

Over the coming months we will be adding tutorials and documentation to help you get started so keep checking back and let us know if you have any suggestions, feature requests or comments.

Documentation and Information

Getting Started

  • Setup – How to download and include the Framework in your project
  • Basic Concepts – Where to start, the asset structure and basic concepts.


  • Tutorials – Tutorials to introduce and walk you through the different concepts.

Feature Documentation

  • Advertising – Extended support for AdMob and Unity Ads.
  • Animation – Animation support and helper components.
  • Audio – Audio support including in-game settings and usage.
  • In App Purchase / Billing – Simplified in app purchase with notifications.
  • Debugging – Tools, scripts and components to help with debugging and testing
  • Display – Display, positioning, movement and particles helper components and libraries
  • Editor – Helper libraries and components for working within the editor
  • Facebook – Easy setup and usage of Facebook
  • Free Prize – Free prize functionality for encouraging users back to your game.
  • GameObjects – Scripts and components for working with gameobjects
  • GameStructure – Game setup with worlds, levels and more
    • Overview – An introduction into the main Game Structure concepts
    • Characters – For working with multiple characters / vehicles etc.
    • Colliders – Automatic handling of collisions
    • GenericGameItems – Generic GameItem implementation for your own purposes.
    • Levels – Setup and working with levels
    • Players – Working with the current player
    • Worlds – Setup and working with worlds
  • Helper – Helper components and functions that didn’t really fit elsewhere
  • Input – Input support to make reacting to user input simpler.
  • Preferences – Extended PlayerPrefs with more data types, encryption and 3rd party integrations.
  • Localisation – Easy localisation support.
  • Messaging – A generic system for global messaging.
  • Scrolling – Advanced parallax scrolling support
  • Social – Interactions and handling of users.
  • UI – Working with UI’s, dialog support and more
    • General – Various UI related features.
    • Dialogs – Dialog system and predefined dialog’s such as game over and settings
  • Weighting – Define and manage relative item weights over distance / time.

For further information please see the tutorials or API Documentation or feel free to contact us or check out our support forums if there is something you are wondering about.

Extras Bundle

There is also a paid extras bundle which in addition to the full framework, also contains some of our other assets and additional content to get you up and running including:

  • 3 UI themes (Cartoon, Space, RPG)
  • The full Beautiful Transitions asset for beautiful screen and UI wipes and transitions
  • The full Pro Pooling asset.
  • The full Prefs Editor asset
  • Alpha version of the upcoming Game Framework PlayMaker Extensions asset
  • Full 2D runner framework and game sample (work in progress).
  • Advanced parallex scrolling script.
  • Additional 3D models
  • Additional samples
  • Tutorials
  • Other content
  • Priority support and feature requests
  • Secures future development of this framework

Feel free to try the free version, however if you like the framework then please consider the small price of purchasing the pro bundle to support our efforts in developing this framework further.

Asset store download – Extras Bundle

Featured Games

The below are some of the games created with the Game Framework. Check them out to see how some of the features work. If you have a game of your own you would like to see featured here then send us a link.

A Bird Called Mike

A Bird Called Mike

Space Minesweeper

Space Minesweeper

Air Hockey Dreams

Air Hockey Dreams