Beautiful Transitions

Simply and easily create beautiful transitions for your UI elements, gameobjects , cameras or scenes with just a few clicks.
Beautiful Transitions

Features include:

  • Scene and cross scene transitions including fade and 24 different wipes.
  • Camera and cross camera transitions including fade and 24 different wipes.
  • Easily scale, fade, move and animate UI elements and gameobjects.
  • Auto start transitions or trigger through code.
  • Simply create your own custom wipes in any graphics program.
  • Combine, chain and nest transitions.
  • Shake functionality (shake camera / shake gameobject).
  • Select from a number of preset transition curves, or add your own.
  • User friendly GUI with visual curves.
  • Full scripting API.
  • Easy to extend.
  • UI animation extensions.
  • and more…

Download now from the Unity Asset Store, or get it as part of the Game Framework Extras Bundle (upgrade option available).

The following video demonstrates some of these concepts, in particular it shows UI and gameobject transitions and how in less than a minute you can easily spice up an existing UI (note: this is taken from the earlier 1.3 version).

Documentation and Information

The following pages contain further information on the features, setup and usage of the different parts of Beautiful Transitions.



  • DisplayItems – Animations, effects, components and scripts that can be applied to UI controls to represent the different states and the transitions between then.
  • Shake – Functionality to shake the camera / screen or a gameobject.

Please also view the included demo’s under the \FlipWebApps\BeautifulTransitions\_Demo folder for examples and source code for implementing common scenarios. You can also refer to the API documentation for full details on the Beautiful Transitions API.

Online Demos



  • Display Item Demo – A simple demonstration showing how much of the above can be applied to buttons.
  • Shake Camera Demo – A simple demonstration showing how you can shake the camera.

Over the coming months we will be adding more tutorials and documentation to help you get started so keep checking back and write in our support forum, or let us know if you have any suggestions, feature requests or comments.