Confused on File Structure - VR GAme

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Confused on File Structure - VR GAme

Post by tenfiddy » Wed Jul 24, 2019 9:42 pm

I bought your app and I am starting to use it for my VR puzzle game. Each level has its own Scene{0}, so the transitions work. I wrote scripts to interact with your app in VR.

Question: Do I have to put all of the files _gamescope, _scenescope, canvas, gameover and levelbuttons... in EACH scene? I am not clear on this.

I am trying not to exit the actual game scene. I want to be able to pull up the menu while in the scenes (to change levels).

To be clear.

Question 2: Can I load the scene of just the "game files" to append my scene? So I don't have to put them into each...

Thanks and you have saved me lots of time.

BTW - I am using playmaker to interface with your app

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Re: Confused on File Structure - VR GAme

Post by mahewitt » Thu Jul 25, 2019 7:20 pm


You only need what is necessary to get a scene to run. _gamescope might be in each scene, but the others will be scene specific and are only examples of what can be included. If you want to pull up the menu while in the scene, then you will probalby need most of those though.

You can load scenes 'additively', but if you are duplicating anything between scenes, then consider making prefabs so as to reduce the maintenance effort later.


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