problem spawning coins

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problem spawning coins

Post by blamejane » Wed Mar 06, 2019 7:49 pm

Looking at the Game Framework demo I see the Obstacles game object setup to spawn x number of coins based on the Level_01 item in resources.

I followed the same logic for my 3D driving game, but the coins spawn in locations which are either too high (for my vehicle), too low (below the terrain) and/or past my terrain bounds. There doesn't seem to be any "settings" for the spawn coin script, so I thought I'd check here.

I went ahead and just dropped-in some actual coins, but I'd like to know what everyone else is doing in this case.



P.S. I purchased the Extras bundle, so let me know if there's something in there I should use instead.

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Re: problem spawning coins

Post by mahewitt » Mon Mar 11, 2019 8:26 pm

Hi Valerie,

The SpawnCoins component was only created for the demo and spawns coins +/-2 units from the XY screen bounds. You could create a copy and try customising this. As you have the Extras bundle, you could also check out the spawner component that follows with Pro Pooling. This will allow you more control over the positioning. See the demo under FlipWebApps/ProPooling/_Demo/1. Spawning Demo.unity

Depends a bit what your needs are.


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