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GameFramework.Facebook.Messages.FacebookLoginMessage Class Reference

Generated when Facebook login has completed (either successfully or with errors) More...

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Public Types

enum  ResultType { ResultType.ERROR, ResultType.CANCELLED, ResultType.OK }
- Public Types inherited from GameFramework.Messaging.BaseMessage
enum  SendModeType { SendModeType.SendToAll, SendModeType.SendToFirst }

Public Member Functions

 FacebookLoginMessage (ResultType result)
override string ToString ()
 Return a representation of the message More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from GameFramework.Messaging.BaseMessage
 BaseMessage ()
void DontShowInEditorLog ()
 Hide this message so that it isn't displayed in the editor logs. (Editor only method) More...

Public Attributes

readonly ResultType Result
 The login result More...
- Public Attributes inherited from GameFramework.Messaging.BaseMessage
string Name
SendModeType SendMode
bool DontShowInEditorLogInternal

Detailed Description

Generated when Facebook login has completed (either successfully or with errors)

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

GameFramework.Facebook.Messages.FacebookLoginMessage.FacebookLoginMessage ( ResultType  result)

Member Function Documentation

override string GameFramework.Facebook.Messages.FacebookLoginMessage.ToString ( )

Return a representation of the message


Member Data Documentation

readonly ResultType GameFramework.Facebook.Messages.FacebookLoginMessage.Result

The login result

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