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GameFramework.Facebook.Messages.FacebookConnectingMessage Class Reference

Generated when Facebook tries connecting More...

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Public Member Functions

override string ToString ()
 Return a representation of the message More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from GameFramework.Messaging.BaseMessage
 BaseMessage ()
void DontShowInEditorLog ()
 Hide this message so that it isn't displayed in the editor logs. (Editor only method) More...

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from GameFramework.Messaging.BaseMessage
enum  SendModeType { SendModeType.SendToAll, SendModeType.SendToFirst }
- Public Attributes inherited from GameFramework.Messaging.BaseMessage
string Name
SendModeType SendMode
bool DontShowInEditorLogInternal

Detailed Description

Generated when Facebook tries connecting

Member Function Documentation

override string GameFramework.Facebook.Messages.FacebookConnectingMessage.ToString ( )

Return a representation of the message


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